Monday, November 02, 2009

IL-19 Primary Filings

All the February 2010 Primary filings are in. Tim Bagwell, PhD, (D-Olney) stated almost two months ago that wanted to be the Democratic candidate a second time.

He will have to wait until February to discover his Republican opponent. Thankfully, Rep. John Shimkus (IL-19) has company on the ballot in the Primary.

Michael Firsching, DVM, of Moro, had decided to file as a Republican candidate for Congress. Americans have suffered through numerous incumbent lies and debacles during the past few years. A Primary challenger surfacing is an eventuality and a relief to see.

Part of the ammunition against John could be his lack of humanity or simple respect for animals. How ironic that his Primary opponent is a veterinarian. Good luck to the man!

January should be a lot of fun.

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