Monday, March 30, 2009

Illinois Needs Horse Sense

Although Congress has H.R. 503, Rep. Jim Sacia of Pecatonica decided to take matters into his own unscrupulous hands. On February 06, 2009, he introduced HB0583 to repeal the two-year-old ban on horse slaughtering for human consumption.

On February 24, 2009, the State Journal-Register stated that The House Agriculture and Conservation Committee voted 11-2 in approval of the bill:

Sacia’s veterinarian, Dr. Tim Strathman, testified before the committee in favor of repealing the ban. To appease animal rights groups, Strathman proposed adding a tax on horses at slaughter plants to Sacia’s measure. He said a $25 fee on horses payable to the state could then be turned over to horse organizations to fund non-slaughter alternatives.
What Rep. Sacia, his veterinarian, and all his other minions will not tell you is the everything else that an informed, humane legislator should know ---> From the Humane Society:
From the auction where horses are purchased by killer buyers to the process of slaughter itself, every moment of the slaughter pipeline is frightening and stressful for horses. Frequently trucked long distances without food, rest and water in crowded double-decker trailers meant for shorter neck species like cows and pigs, injury, fighting and even death are frequent occurrences.
The pictures from the Equine Protection Network say a lot more. (NOTE: Horse slaughterhouses located in the United States are all foreign owned.) And people really want to eat that -- and slaughtered without a certificate of veterinary inspection???

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) closed the largest horse-slaughter operation in the United States. The country does not need another one.

This is a bad bill for Illinois and the United States. The Illinois House votes on it on March 31, 2009. Hopefully, they will slaughter it and not one of the best companion animals humans are fortunate to experience.

It is a good idea for every voter in Illinois to call the Illinois Representatives and remind them. This is a BAD BILL!

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