Thursday, December 29, 2005

End of the Quarter

The end of the campaign fundraising quarter is Saturday, December 31. Several alternatives allow everyone to contribute directly to the individual candidates rather than the DCCC money machine.

Links to all citizen-supported Democratic candidates are in the sidebar. Barry Welsh (IN-06) has also privided a downloadable MS EXCEL spreadsheet showing all candidates and the state filing dates for the Primaries.

ActBlue has the complete list for congressional districts with multiple candidates. For rich, influential donors lacking any fear of the fallout from the Rahm Emanuel's (IL-05) political gerrymandering, the DCCPAC will accommodate large donations benefiting multiple candidates.

In spite of the failures of political business as usual, all donations, large and small, help to return the Democratic process to the US and fiscal responsibility -- and a lot of class to The Hill.

Every resident in the entire country will greatly benefit.


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