Friday, October 07, 2005

The Latest Misleading Republicrap Legislation

In typical greedy Texan arrogance, Rep. Joe Barton (TX-06) introduced H.R.3893, Gasoline for America's Security Act of 2005, as a blatant and outrageous give away to big energy and big business under the guise of solving America's energy problems. One of the contributors to USDemocrat YAHOO! Discussion Group accurately calls this proposed law Republicrap -- and for good reason. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • encourages further wasteful consumption of gasoline,
  • encourages further dependence on imported oil,
  • discourages conservation,
  • misrepresents its true intent so that the public trust believes it solves energy problems,
  • increases revenue for the oil and gas industry and the related big businesses.
It gets better. This bill uses the damage to Gulf oil facilities by recent hurricanes as a justification for the following:
  • New refineries will receive federal funding after receiving free land for them.
  • New refineries will receive federal funding for construction
  • The Federal Government will sell or lease new refineries to oil companies to produce fuel for DOD assets
  • Oil companies will sell any fuel in the private markets if DOD assets does need that quantity.
  • The Federal Government could disregard some of the Clean Air Act provisions for the direct benefit of these refineries and other energy facilities without hindrance.
  • The Federal Government becomes liable to contracted oil company for unlimited claims based on delays from individual law suits or fromy local, state, or federal agencies in completing or operating the refineries that the Federal Government has already paid for.

Congressmen that are supposed to be working FOR the public trust (as opposed to the oil and gas industry) introduced H.R. 3893 to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, the Armed Services Committee, and the Resources Committee. They are fast-tracking the proposed legislation at a record pace. The vote could come as early as Friday, October 7.

Save Our Environment has an online letter prepared so constituents can let their congressmen know that they need to vote against this legislation. Based on their proven track record, Illinoisans already know that everyone of their Republican representatives will vote YEA. They need to hear from everyone that they need to think of their constituentsvote NAY.

UPDATE: The bill passed by 2 votes. In the planned 5-minute vote, it would not have passed according to
The Stakeholder:

[. . .] Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID), Speaker Pro-Tempore of the House, held open a five-minute vote on HR 3893, the Gasoline for America's Security Act, for over forty minutes. For nearly all of that time, Republicans were unable to produce a majority vote in favor of the bill. Rep. Simpson repeatedly stated that he was using his discretion to hold the vote open until all Members had voted. But as soon as Republicans had gained the needed number of votes to pass the Act, he closed the vote. The final vote total was 212 to 210. [. . .]
Almost every Illinois Republican congressman voted YEA. Rep. Johnson (IL-15) & Rep. LaHood (IL-18) voted NAY with the Democrats (makes a person wonder what they are up to breaking ranks that way). Rep. Shimkus (IL-19) was the typical mindless soldier following orders and voting against the best interests of his constituents. It is amazing what 40 minutes of DeLay's arm-twisting will do. He is such an "effective leader" -- like a Mafia Don.


At 09 October, 2005 10:57, Blogger Flash Traffic said...

More environmental liberal crap of the type that has restrained and restricted our domestic energy production for 30 years. have another problem for the solution. America is well served by dependence on arab oil...right.

At 09 October, 2005 11:31, Blogger Philosophe Forum said...

Once again, we have someone that doesn't understand service to the public trust responding. So much for enlightenment.

At 09 October, 2005 21:04, Blogger Ellen Beth said...

The IL Tenth is very sorry to say that our current congressman Mark Kirk voted in favor of the bill despite the fact that he touts himself as an environmentalist and has been sending out press release after press release about his concern about Mercury emissions from smoke stacks. I have done research in this area and refineries not built with the latest technologies are a cause of mercury emissions. Now, new refineries will not have to use new technology. Cheney spoke and Kirk obeyed. Kirk thinks his district is here to keep him in DC and doesn't understand that he is there to represent us.


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