Friday, November 11, 2005

A "Memo" to Ponder

The DCCC is so adamant about keeping Christine Cegelis (IL-06) out of Congress that they are now advertising for people to run against her. A committed Democrat can only imagine the rhetoric Rahm Emanuel, DCCC Chairman, and Speaker Dennis Hastert have exchanged. One of their memos (if they have been foolish enough to put their gerrymandering in any written format) would probably look like this:

November 3, 2004

From: Speaker Dennis Hastert

To: Chairman Rahm
Emmanuel, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Mr. Chairman:

Since 1994, we have been able to maintain a balance in the Illinois Delegation of 10 R to 10 D, then 10 R and 9 D, now 9 R and 10 D.

This balance has been important in the Republican Party's initiatives during the Bush administration. The extra votes have helped to execute our war plans, our plans for a theocratic state, and our no bid contracts for our contributors. The balance will keep the citizens at bay as charges develop over the next year against our administration.

With the exit of Mr. Hyde in IL-06, there is a danger of this happy balance being upset. We will completely support our choice of Peter Roskam. Per our standing agreement, you will either:

a. Field a millionaire candidate who is known to us (see the attached list).


b. Disrupt Ms. Cegelis by recruiting contenders within your party.

Ms. Cegelis surprised even our pollsters with her 44.2% win while raising less than $200,000. We were also surprised by Kerry's showing of 47% in that district. We cannot let the voters change the way we do business in Illinois.

Your cooperation is, as usual, expected.

Coach Denny
If walls could talk . . .


At 12 November, 2005 10:03, Blogger Kankakee Voice said...

This is the kind of thing that makes the DEMOCRATIC BASE ANGRY. It's what makes us want to vote third party or just not damn vote at all!!! I want to laugh/cry every time I hear on the MSM news how "far ahead" Hillary is as the Democratic presidential candidate. What's wrong with BOTH PARTIES? BIG CORPORATE INTERESTS.


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