Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Citizen-Funded vs. Insider-Funded

This is the latest campaign fundraising report from Christine Cegelis.

    The average donation to the Cegelis campaign in the last fundraising quarter was $72. That's a citizen funded campaign. PACs don't make $72 donations. Corporate interests don't make $72 donations. Citizens do.

    We're asking you to do it now - to donate to Christine's campaign before the fundraising quarter ends on September 30. Christine's fundraising happens in coffee shops, local restaurants, and the homes of District 6 citizens. Her opponent's fundraising is happening in Washington DC.

      Majority Leader Tom DeLay
      Majority Whip Roy Blunt
      Republican Conference Chair Deborah Pryce
      NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds
      Chief Deputy Whip Eric Cantor
      Congressman Henry Hyde
      Cordially Invite you to a Lunch Benefiting Peter Roskam
      Contribution Levels - $1,000 PAC / $500 Personal
      For more information, please contact the Townsend Group

    Roskam is raising money in Washington DC with PACs and party leaders lining up to anoint him as Henry Hyde's heir apparent. They don't live in District 6, but they want to choose who will represent the people who do live there.

    Who Will Your Candidate Represent?

    A campaign is often judged by the source of its funding. When you look at the source of the Roskam funding, it's clear that his campaign is focused on the needs of his party and its deep-pocketed cronies. The Cegelis campaign is different, and the judgment is clear - this is a campaign focused on the concerns of real people.

    A citizen funded campaign gives a candidate the freedom to truly represent the interests of the people in her district. She is free from the pressure to conform her vision to deep-pocketed special interests. That's the freedom that Christine has.

    With that freedom comes the added pressure of criticism from the insiders who judge the strength of a campaign on the size of its war chest. When citizens build a candidate's war chest large enough to silence the criticism of the insiders, to turn criticism into contributions, there's no pressure to change the vision when
    insider support is given.

    The support of the insiders can help Christine build a better campaign and penetrate deeper into a "red" district where not one democrat holds office. Insider support is dependent on fundraising numbers. As a citizen-funded candidate, Christine needs your help to get the resources that can make a difference in retaking Henry Hyde's seat.

    Please give today.

    The fundraising quarter ends on Friday. Your donation in this quarter makes a difference.

    Energize Yourself - Attend the Solargenix Reception

    Join Christine at Solargenix and hear her thoughts on our country’s energy policy and our environment.

    Solargenix designs, builds and installs solar energy systems – a fitting venue for a candidate who believes in renewable fuels.

    The reception begins at 5:30 p.m. at 3622 S. Morgan Street in Chicago. You can attend with a $50 base donation or as a Green Host for $250 or an Emerald Host for $500.

    To RSVP, or for more information, contact please call our campaign Finance Director at 630-693-0500 or email her at

      What: Campaign Kick-Off and Petition Drive
      When: Sep 28 2005 - 5:30pm
      Where: Solargenix - Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant
      Address: 3622 S. Morgan Street, Chicago

    Christine Cegelis officially announced her candidacy on Sunday at a yard party in Lombard. You can watch a video clip of her announcement speech or listen to an audio clip by visiting this blog post on her web site.

    The event was an exciting time to kick-off the campaign petition drive. Christine launched the drive early Monday morning asking for supporter's signatures at district train stations.

    You can do your part to collect the signatures Christine needs. Whether it's ten signatures or one hundred, we need your help. Join us at 1920 S. Highland, Lombard 60148 in the lobby this Saturday, Oct 1. We'll be working together from 10:00am to 3:00pm to collect signatures to get Christine's name on the ballot. Collect 45 signatures and come back for a free pizza party afterwards. If you want to circulate petitions in your precinct, or if you want to help oordinate campaign efforts in your neighborhood, please email Max at by Friday morning.

September was also a busy RNC fundraising month for John Shimkus. He proves that he is quite active -- OFF the Hill, never ON the Hill.


At 28 September, 2005 22:04, Blogger HRC said...

Yo, readers. This needs to be brought up every time you hear the code words "Special Interests." You know, one of the 10 GOP phrases that have been making otherwise good Liberals zip it over the last 12 years?

Our "special interests" are constituent interests, most often designed to benefit common people. The best are those that help the least of our society.

Their "special interests" are the powerful and mighty who will not be satisfied until they gain a permanent place at the head of the feeding trough.

Their "welfare queens" are guys like Ken Lay.

Our "citizen donors" want a game where they can be treated fairly.

Their "citizen donors" are the powerful who want a tangible return on their investment in the political game.


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