Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Democrats' Ho-Hum Attitude

When the endorsing print media is more concerned about the GOP lies than the Democrat Party, Democrat voters know that they need to concern themselves.

Members of the GOP Congress are famous for their broken promises – now more than ever. The GOP’s controlled response to the Gulf Coast hurricane disaster is the latest result of that trail of broken promises. Americans with Republican representatives who, as the freshman of 1996, promised to adhere to limit their time in Congress to 12 years believed that they would not run in 2008. For their trust – the investment of their vote – they are now reaping the "rewards" of betrayal.

What a surprise! The freshman have a little seniority now, are a little afraid of losing their prized offices, and have reneged on their promise! After only 9 years, they are willing to remain in office indefinitely or until voters force them out on Election Day in November 2006.

Waiting until 2008 is pure folly. By then, this issue will be water under the bridge. Voters will have known about the broken promises for 3 years at least and done nothing about it. Therefore, they will have shifted responsibility from backpedaling Republican incumbents and provided them with the excuse they need and the carte blanche they covet to remain in office indefinitely.

In addition, the news media share some of the responsibility for the Republicans winning re-election in 2004. The Springfield State Journal-Register and the Decatur Harold-Review have consistently endorsed the incumbents – whether they deserve it or not. They played into the empty promises. They were more than willing to sign on. It is time to get a clue. Less than one year later, they seem to have gotten a clue and changed their minds.

The Democrats STILL refuse to get a clue. The official Party response is nothing more than HO-HUM (e.g., no big deal). The Party is not recruiting – period. In Illinois, the Party is not supporting – period. The current challengers know this only too well:

What about the 13th, 16th, and 19th CDs? Residents deserve to have a choice on Election Day. Americans in CDs with Republican incumbents deserve better than duplicitous representatives who do nothing more than kiss their reflection in the mirror while hugging themselves during a mantra of “You love me! You really love me!” The people should hold the abnegating Republicans accountable. Vote them out of office and Democrats into office.

In IL-19, they deserve more than bupkis personified in John Shimkus promises. Like the rest of Illinois and the entire country, they deserve committed Democrat challengers who will think outside the box and work in the best interests of the public trust.


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