Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Early Voting in St. Clair County

The St. Clair County has Early Voting available on the Diebold touch screen computers. After so many years of punching holes in computer cards, they are a refreshing change. The touch screen computers are easy to use, too.

  1. Slide the credit card in.
  2. Set the text size & screen contrast if necessary.
  3. Select the candidates.
  4. Review the candidate selections.
  5. Make changes if anything is incorrect.
  6. Print the ballot.
  7. Record the ballot.
A complete printout appears on a paper tape roll for a printed record. After formally recording the ballot, the credit card slightly pops out.

Employees in the county clerk's office are readily available for voter questions, comments, and concerns.

The scantron forms will be available at the individual polling places on 03/21. Touch screen computers are certainly better!


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