Sunday, February 12, 2006

Not So Vague

There are many differences between politicians. For many American citizens voting this year, the differences between Democrats and Republicans are extremely vague. Some voters see unequivical differences. Glenn Melancon (TX-04) has compiled a comparative list of the most obvious differences:

1) Democrats: We have a moral responsibility to look out for our neighbors.
---Republicans: YOU have a moral responsibility to throw stones at your neighbors.
2) Democrats: We the people have proven through Social Security, Medicare, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and the Civil Rights Act that we can make the world better.
---Republicans: Turn you back on your neighbor and you can be become rich. To hell with every one else.
3) Workers are the foundation of economic success.
---Republicans: Corporations are the foundation of economic.
4) Republicans control the Presidency, House, Senate and the Courts yet Osama Bin Laden is still alive and threatening the US. FDR, a Democratic, defeated industrial Japan and Germany in less time than the Republicans have had to catch a man living in cave.
5) Bill Clinton and the Democratic Congress passed a balance budget with NO Republican votes. Republicans not only spend more money but they can not deliver on Health Care, Education or War.
6) Yes, Democrats still believe in the Constitution and Human Rights.
7) A fool and his money are soon parted.
Corporate profit margin or citizen quality of life?
Mainstream Republicans or Democrats?
Incumbent Republicans or Progressive Democrat challengers?
A well-funded candidate with expensive PAC support or a grassroots candidate with national citizen support?
Write-in a body or choose none of the above?

The voters have choices to make in the November General Election. Some of those choices they have to make in the March Primary Election.

First -- voters have to decide what exactly they want:
  • Guaranteed verifiable voting for all (e.g., open, verifiable elections, with printing of voting from computer touch screens) or corrupt elections
  • Basic health care for all Americans (e.g., a single payer system) -- the right thing to do with long-term cost savings or health care for the privileged few
  • Environmental responsibility as stewards of the Earth so that future generations will benefit from a healthy environment (e.g., there is no “away” just someone else’s backyard) or the continued irresponsible poisoning of water, air, and soil resources
  • A legacy of clean, efficient, renewable natural resources or the continued extinction of unique plant and animal species
  • Removal of U. S. military assets from Iraq honorably through international cooperation to stabilize a free Iraq and restore America’s honor and credibility as a world leader (e.g., online publication of all proposed legislation at least one week to eliminate illusory government anti-corruption rhetoric) or an increase of American deaths
  • Promote living wage American employment opportunities as an alternative to outsourcing of work or an increase in the population of working poor
  • Fair taxes through an equitable graduated tax structure to efficiently balance the Budget, reduce the debt, and provide for the real needs of the people instead of corporate interests or less taxes for the higher income brackets and more taxes for the lower income brackets
  • Strengthen Social Security and preserve retirement pensions or greater profits for financial institutions providing privatized accounts
  • Provide the American military, family members, and veterans with meaningful support or adding to the number of working poor and homeless
  • Strength social programs providing support to household caregivers enabling them to raise their children in healthy and loving homes in family environments or increased criminal activity
Second – voters have to submit their ballots on March 21 and November 7. With the availability of Early Voting, there are no excuses. It is time to elect federal legislators that will allow Americans out of the Land of OZ because President Bush needs a brain, Vice President Cheney needs a heart, and every Congressional incumbent needs Courage.


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