Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Forum An Endorsement Does Not Make

At the beginning of every month, Coroner Steve Nonn updates the Madison County Democrats Calendar of Fundraisers and Events. It conspicuously lacks an item, and not because they lack the information.

The calendar contains labor meetings, council meetings, fundraisers, potlucks, golf tournaments, and an opportunity to meet the candidates. The single candidate events are naturally on the calendar because the Madison County Democrats have formally endorsed them. According to the group, they have already provided their endorsement to Bruce Stewart for the 5th Appellate Court. Therefore, the calendar cannot include the candidate forum that The Downstate Downstate Democrats for Change is hosting for congressional & appellate court Democratic candidates. The event will occur at the Holiday Inn in Collinsville between 7 and 9 p.m. on Monday, February 27, 2006. Anyone interested can view the event on the calendar for the Illinois Democratic Network.

The explanation sounds reasonable. Yet, the calendar includes the Wood River Precinct Meet the Candidates Night on March 16. The event sounds like an informal version of a candidate forum. Maybe it helps to know the "right" people.

On another note -- Bruce Stewart cannot attend the February 27 candidate forum in Collinsville. Philip J. Rarick, a previous 5th District Supreme Court Justice, is the Stewart campaign manager and will appear in his place.

With questions at the ready, all interested voters in the 19th CD and the 5th Appellate Court District should make note of the event and attend.


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