Monday, August 09, 2010

Bagwell in Metropolis at Steelworkers Rally

After negotiations between the Metropolis Honeywell plant and the local United Steelworkers chapter ended without resolution in June, the company locked out its union workers. The sticking points in the month-long stalemate are the usual: Union wants a raise for the workers. Company wants a 10 percent pay cut for union members and the elimination of some jobs.

The union responded to the stalemate with a very public rally on August 07, 2010. Tim Bagwell, PhD (D-Olney), joined the union members and approximately 3,000 attendees in their efforts. It needs to stop, said Bagwell. The company needs to honor it's contracts and honor its' retirees.

The company responded offering wage increases while wanting the union to pay higher medical benefit costs since they would be consistent with their non-union counterparts. The union countered proposing to freeze wages for three years and maintain the current benefits arrangement.

It is six weeks now since the lockout began. That is a long time for the workers and their families especially with the beginning of school only days away. They need a voice in Congress. Obviously, there is none today. November can change that with Tim Bagwell.

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