Friday, July 23, 2010

Shimkus Fantasies, Constituency Dreams

Hat Tip to Marie for providing this information to IL-19 voters yesterday. Rep. John Shimkus has friends (i.e., paid consulting firm to help build the GOP coffers) in the D.C. area and willing to show just how much they really like him and their other clientèle -- in cold hard greenbacks.

The previous evening, this dubiously industrious congressman found time for a robo-call with some of his constituents and wished he could be honest (Q: Does he know how to spell the word so he can look it up in the dictionary?? Can he read the dictionary??). Rural Thoughts has the scoop.

IL-19 residents dream of him leaving office.

The rest of Illinois just reaches for the antacid.

NOTE: Brought forward for the additional information.

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At 25 July, 2010 00:31, Blogger Marie said...

Another fund raiser: Dave Matthews Concert for Shimkus last night (Friday) in DC:

Wow. I had no idea.

At 25 July, 2010 20:24, Blogger Philosophe Forum said...

Shimkus wasn't there destroying the fun. According his mouthpiece in the STL P-D: . . . don't look for Shimkus to be singing along with "Ants Marching." Spokesman Steve Tomaszewski said the congressman is spending the week at home.

"He will not be there, as Congress adjourned for the week, and he comes home as soon as votes are over," Tomaszewski said. "However, he has held concert fundraisers in the past, and even if he's in DC, he has not attended."

Tomaszewski said he had "no idea" if Shimkus is a DMB fan. "I would presume the fundraiser determines which shows are sellable," Tomaszewski said.

Actually, Shimkus' taste tend more towards traditional -- his wife is a former church choir director and Shimkus learned to play the violin along with his children.

Though a Shimkus string performance would probably not be as "sellable" to donors as the Dave Matthews Band.

Still a nauseating thought. Too much money for someone not worth it, too.


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