Friday, October 10, 2008

Cookie Politics

The presidential debates are more of who gets the cookie? as compared to what recipe will be used to bake us out of this spiraling economic depression.

The candidates touch upon the essential ingredients to resolving the country's main issues. Yet they never directly debate how they would resolve those issues. Without the how, the debates seem more like two children fighting over the cookie.

Both candidates need to sit down and identify the ingredients before baking. How can the presidential job work for this country? It is not merely sufficient to debate who did what wrong, and who said what about whom. The cookie is not them -- either of them! As candidates for such an important public office, 100 percent of their attention should be the issues facing this country. Brass tacks, down-to-earth resolutions never enter the discussions. Cutting around the cookie does not a cookie make.

And for my cup of tea, neither one gets the cookie.

-- F. S.
(reprinted with permission)



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