Saturday, September 06, 2008

Too Much John Shimkus Kool-Aid

Once upon a time, the Rich Miller used his Capitol Fax Blog to pose this Question of the Day as was a two-parter and provide an explanation with your responses:

Who is your favorite Illinois Republican?

Who is your least favorite Illinois Republican?

The John Shimkus name appeared a few times. Here is everything that published. The kool-aid-laced supporting comments continue to boggle the mind. They prove that his supporters live in a drug-induced fantasy land, and they either refuse or cannot see him for the man he truly has become.

  • Anon - Thursday, Sep 4, 08 @ 11:00 am:
John Shimkus - Straight talker - tireless worker.
[Only for his favorite constituents is John a tireless worker. He refuses to lift a finger for anyone not on his near and dear list. When he does work (like he is now tirelessly for his coal industry constituents, it is time to cringe.]
  • Philosophe Forum - Thursday, Sep 4, 08 @ 11:13 am:
Least Favorite: John Shimkus (IL-19) — For a myriad of reasons: wimp, hypocrite, liar, the great protector of sexual predators, etc. I would pick Tim Johnson (IL-15) since he largely does nothing except show up for a vote and collect his very generous paycheck compliments of the taxpayers except Shimkus is worse. He opens he mouth and becomes an embarrassment to IL-19 and all of Illinois.
  • Miranda - Thursday, Sep 4, 08 @ 11:28 am:
Favorite politician - John Shimkus, hands down. When I was a journalism intern just starting out, John was the only guy who would actually sit down with me and explain things to me, not just give me pat answers. I watched him over the years switch into high school government teacher mode numerous times to help me understand the whole government process, not caring about the politician stuff. Genuine, nice, always ready to help me out when I needed it. He’s not just my favorite Republican, but favorite politician, hands down.
[John was supposed to be a Lutheran minister. School teacher is just an extension of that. He has voted present and lies about it while teaching children. He learned his political skills from a masterful former Illinois governor and current jailbird. He learned so well that he and his staff have skirted federal time.]
  • Ken - Thursday, Sep 4, 08 @ 11:42 am:
John Shimkus favorite. Honest, open, extremely hard working for his district constituents.
[Only because he pretends well.]
  • Vote Quimby! - Thursday, Sep 4, 08 @ 11:58 am:
Least fav: Toss-up between Shimkus (how many terms did he limit himself to change Washington?)
  • BIG R.PH. - Thursday, Sep 4, 08 @ 12:38 pm:
Favorites: Shimkus, Frank Watson, Ron Stephens. All Straight Shooters. Don't always vote your way but always willing to listen.
[John is willing to listen depending on who you are and which industry you represent.]
  • Ron Burgundy - Thursday, Sep 4, 08 @ 12:43 pm:
Favorite — John Shimkus. Nice, humble guy who got into politics for all the right reasons.
[John got into politics campaigning on a term limit of 12 years. He was supposed to leave December 2008. He has since decided that 12 years is not long enough. He is staying in politics for the WRONG reasons -- all selfish!]
  • Penny - Thursday, Sep 4, 08 @ 12:51 pm:
I can't think of any I like. I have been away for 15 years, am back for 2, and have become conservative. The IL GOP is horribly vacant of ideas.
Faves: John Shimkus=okay; Jack Ryan (should be a senator now); Peter Fitzgerald
[A classic example of the cluelessness that keeps re-electing John!]
  • Bud Man - Thursday, Sep 4, 08 @ 2:53 pm:
Current: Shimkus
Least Favorite: John Shimkus (IL-19) — For a myriad of reasons: wimp — I wouldn't say he is a wimp - he was in Rangers and Airborne in the Army.
[Actually, XO of a unit for a few years in the Fulda Gap in Germany in the 1980s qualifies John for not much of anything. He had a life expectancy of 7 minutes like everyone else. He did his mandatory 6 years, spent the rest of his 32 years as a weekend warrior, did not wait another 3 years to retire at the full 35 years like all the other officers. His current record of protecting sexual predators, not caring about it, and blaming seniors for the deficit says the most about his true integrity -- WIMP!]
  • Not Quite SoIL - Thursday, Sep 4, 08 @ 5:49 pm:
Least Favorite: John Shimkus-Has overstayed his welcome and become a sell out to the Bush wing of the Republican Party….not to mention covering up the sins of his elders.
[This commenter sees the real John Shimkus!]
  • left of here - Thursday, Sep 4, 08 @ 6:05 pm:
Least Fav–tough call several years ago it would have been Ron Stephens, hands down,not because of his drug habit or marital issues, I did not like him before I knew about those issues. Today it has to be Shimkus…a weasel and a weak man. He has sold out to DC and the pagan gods that control the city.
[True, true -- every word!]

At least they are an excuse to laugh well, laugh often. For others, they should be an excuse to vote and vehemently support the Democratic alternative -- Daniel Davis. Illinois cannot afford another 2 years of of a man who had promised to leave Congress in December 2008!

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