Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ten Thousand Dollars a Day

With approximately 500 days left until the next election, challengers need to raise $10,000 everyday for an adequate campaign. Sen. Susan Garrett should be the Democrat candidate to challenge Rep. Kirk in the 10th CD. Although she’s the best person for the job & deserves the support of every Democrat leader & incumbent, there's no way she can raise that kind of money AND still maintain a modicum level of effectiveness as an IL state senator.

Rep. Emanuel lacks the leadership skills required for the job of DCCC Chairman & is no where to be found. His friendship with Rep. Kirk is a conflict of interest & makes him ineffective. The IL Party "leadership" wouldn't know how to lead if someone gave them third-grade-level step-by-step instructions.

Money without leadership
  1. guarantees a Minority status for the Democrats;
  2. increases the risk of electing Congressional representatives with less integrity than the constituents deserve;
  3. hurts the best interests of the public trust;
  4. is nothing more than he who dies with the most toys wins.

Democracy – it is not.

Sen. Susan Garrett is a true leader in the Democrat Party – with or without money.


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