Thursday, June 30, 2005

Future Congresswoman-Elect Cegelis

The DCCC wanted Christine Cegelis to raise $250,000 in campaign contributions by July 01, 2005. Thanks to a huge number of small donors (& a little help from Daily Kos) she made the goal with room to spare.

Money is important. The votes are more important. Therefore, donors & voters should consider supporting the rest of the current list of Democrat challengers:

John Pavich challenging Rep. Weller in the 11th CD,

Ruben Zamora challenging Speaker Hastert in the 14th CD, &

Dr. David Gill challenging Rep. Johnson in the 15th CD.

Each one is a significantly better choice to serve the public trust (as opposed to an incumbent that stays in because he "likes it"), shares the vision of the Democratic Party leadership, & is firmly committed to add this seat to the Democratic majority in 2006.

A little acknowledgement & support from the state Party leaders would be novel as well.


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