Thursday, May 22, 2008

IL GOP Anti-Vet Voting

Scott Harper is the Democrat running against Representative Judy Biggert in the 13th Congressional District. On May 22, 2008, Scott held a press conference along with veterans of the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm to condemn Rep. Biggert's recent vote against the GI Bill. In response to her vote, Scott's campaign started an online petition urging her to begin assisting veterans.

Reps. Kirk (R-10), Johnson (R-15), and LaHood (R-18) all voted for the GI Bill. Rep. Biggert chose to withhold her support. It is sad to say that her Nay vote was not the only one from Illinois Republicans: Reps. Roskam (IL-06) and Shimkus (IL-19) also voted against the bill. Signing this petition would be a great way to speak out against their decision as well.

This Memorial Day weekend, it is important to let Illinois voters know that one of our representatives in Congress consistently votes against our veterans. Please take the time to sign the petition yourself and encourage your readers and other members of the online grassroots community to do the same. The petition can be found on Scott's website .

How can a West Point graduate vote against this bill? EVERY voter in IL-19 should ask John Shimkus that question!

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