Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Richardson Endorsement for the Right Stuff

Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) formally ended his campaign for president. The good news is that he remains on the Illinois ballot for the February 05, 2008, ballot. For the past two weeks, the media has given him so much attention because they are all curious about a potential endorsement. Not endorsing anyone is the smart move. That is exactly what Gov. Richardson has decided to do for now -- not endorse any Democratic candidate for president.

Instead, he chooses to continue endorsing the issues and priorities that his campaign raised first a year ago. The South Carolina debates proved that the remaining three Democratic candidates have adopted and maintain Gov. Richardson's positions. Once everyone argued vehemently against everything that are in the best interests of the public trust. Now those interests are an accepted part of the discussion:

  • ending this war -- now,
  • developing policies for greater energy independence, bringing Americans home from the Mideast -- now,
  • developing policies for greater energy independence,
  • creating universal health care,
  • improving education,
  • providing scholarships for public service.
Gov. Richardson is enjoying the job he loves as governor of New Mexico (and the only Democratic candidate to campaign throughout the year with executive experience) yet it sounds like he never left. He has successfully influenced the Democratic platform in important ways:
  1. It is the sign of a genuine leader.
  2. It is the sign of a person who knows how to initiate real change.
  3. It is the sign of the best person for the job!
His name is on the Illinois Primary ballot. People can still vote for him (and his delegates)!

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