Friday, January 04, 2008

Bill Richardson Remains Viable

There were five activists from Illinois that spent the week in Iowa to support Gov. Bill Richardson's presidential campaign. The amazing experience proved that nothing is set in stone. He remains a presidential candidate, quite viable, electable, in fourth place, and in New Hampshire.

History is consistent when it comes to the political arena (i.e., inevitable change). Also, MSM headlines are filled with half truths & whatever looks good in print.

Gov. Richardson really did accomplish a lot in Iowa since he had the resources to run a very competitive campaign. He mobilized nearly 20,000 voters and took 7 percent of the caucus-goers in the first round. The unique nature of the Iowa caucus process and the unexpectedly large turnout meant that he could not maintain all of those votes into the final round.

The five Illinois voters traveled to Iowa to meet Gov. Richardson and listen to him in person. They also had the wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with members of his cabinet and his staff. He is now the only 2nd-tier candidate to continue and has been in New Hampshire since 3 a.m. today. Even after a very full, very long day yesterday, he scheduled events all day today including a television interview.

The lesson learned from Iowa is that the 2008 presidential race is still very fluid. The New Hampshire voters are re-thinking their positions in light of what happened last night. For them, what happens in Iowa stays in Iowa. New Hampshire voters do their own thing. It is a completely different audience. Suddenly, inevitable is not so inevitable anymore.

Gov. Richardson made the Final Four. The MSM might even broadcast more of his responses during tomorrow night's debate. Without a doubt, he is the best person for the job.

History has proven that change without experience never works. The results are worse than before. Voters in the past have kept senators on The Hill -- where they belong -- to earn the generous salaries taxpayers provide them. Two of the presidential candidates have now returned to their jobs. Unfortunately, Illinois has to continue playing the waiting game and has yet to see any bang for it's Obama buck.

Bill Richardson deserves the Party nomination.

Illinois taxpayers deserve a refund.

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