Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bill Richardson Remains on the Ballot

Gov. Bill Richardson ends his presidential campaign today after the New Hampshire Primary. Of all the candidates, he has the best resume with the most impressive qualifications for the oval office.

He portrayed his campaign as a job application for president, and ran clever ads that showed a bored interviewer unimpressed with his dazzling resume. The commercials helped fuel his move to double-digit support in some early state polls, and advisers argued he was poised to move past former vice presidential nominee John Edwards for the role of third-place challenger.
Unfortunately, New Hampshire voters and people with too much money choose to listen to lots of pretty talk from an arrogant politician selling snake oil public policies about change that will not measure up in the long term. It is rather oxymoronic for a status quo Chicago Machine politician to pitch change. Not so long ago voters fell for the campaign rhetoric from a Hollywood actor with an excellent speaking style and very bad policies.

The good news is that Bill Richardson remains on the Illinois Democratic Primary ballots. People can still vote for him!

A vote for Bill Richardson is an intelligent vote in the best interests of this country.

A vote for Barack Obama is a vote against democracy.

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