Saturday, August 18, 2007

Joe McMenamin Challenges John Shimkus for IL-19 in 2008

Joe McMenamin is the Democratic candidate for IL-19. He has begun circulating petitions for the February 05, 2008, Illinois Primary.

He has been in the U. S. Army for 26 years. He is a graduate of the Defense Strategy Course U. S. Army War College, served 12 months in a combat zone in Afghanistan, and is currently a lieutenant Colonel in the Illinois National Guard. He received his juris doctorate from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, in 1979.

Joe is 54 years old. He is a fourth generation Illinoisan descended from New Deal Democrats. His father grew up on a farm during the Depression. His father-in-law, Cy Cawley of Eureka, Illinois was a prisoner of war (POW) in World War II. He had been captured at the Battle of Bulge; earlier he had jumped on D Day over Normandy with the 101st Airborne. Joe's paternal uncle, Vic McMenamin, was also a POW for two years after getting shot down on a B24 bombing mission over Europe; earlier he participated as tail gunner in the famed Ploesti Oil Field bombing mission over Romania.

Given a realistic alternative, voters will drive John Shimkus from office. He failed to perform his duty as a Member of Congress by not exercising checks and balances prior to and throughout the disastrous Iraq war, said Joe. He reminds his constituency that Rep. Shimkus consistently puts party above his country and reneged on his promise. By giving President Bush a blank check to fight a war in Iraq, Rep. Shimkus has succeeded in the following:

  • Spending a half a trillion dollars with little to show for it.
  • Shipped billions of dollars of American wealth abroad to import oil at triple the old price.
  • Avoided any real push towards energy independence.
  • Ignored the effects of global warming.
  • Delayed any viable solution to national health insurance.
  • Increased income disparity while oil companies and war profiteers grow wealthier.
Joe offers voters a better alternative to the Republican incumbent's questionable ethics. To help him collect signatures on the petitions contact The Philosophe Forum!

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At 19 August, 2007 10:55, Blogger DonutDon said...

Shimkus represents IL-19, not IL-12. Is IL-12 a typo?

At 19 August, 2007 12:32, Blogger Philosophe Forum said...

It was a long day. Definitely a typo. It's all fixed now. Bernie at SJ-R has an article on Joe today with the formal announcement.

John Shimkus is so outclassed. He needs to to his constituents a favor and stay home, take a hint from the man he says he has so much respect for: Hastert (another one who should have never been elected to congress).

At 21 August, 2007 11:51, Blogger Data Guy said...

I have to put in a plug for John Shimkus. In the days leading up to the 2006 election, Democrats were doing well, but needed a bump to push us over the top. That's where John "Majority Maker" Shimkus came in.

John supervised the Page programs. As such, he covered up and was an accessory to the pedophile behavior of Mark Foley. If John had dealt with Mark in a responsible way, Mark would have been out of congress in 2002, and not be molesting pages. But John covered it up, and made sure that when the truth came out (and the truth ALWAYS comes out), it was much much worse.

So, when the truth was revealed, the Mark Foley scandal, ENTIRELY a product of REPUKESLISCUM MALFEASANCE, did HUGE damage to the Repukeliscum Party.

That's why I call John Shimkus "Democratic Majority Maker" Shimkus. Without his help, we would have done well. But I give him credit for putting between 5 and 8 Democrats over the top

At 04 February, 2008 15:13, Blogger Keith said...

You forgot to mention the fact that Shimkus signed the "Contract for America" back in the '90s with Newt. That meant that he took a pledge to only serve 12 years as a term limit. Well, he didn't keep that vow; it has been 14 years already. Obviously, we'll have to make him keep it.


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