Friday, October 27, 2006

Where is John Shimkus?

As he quickly loses support from his most loyal fans and media editors, Rep. John Shimkus has chosen to campaign for re-election on a minimalist level. He calls it a maintenance campaign only appearing with those who would temporarily heal his broken self-esteem or students too young to vote. Others would describe his actions as saving what little dignity he has left. There are many reasons why he is toast on a sinking ship.

  • Minimalist perfectly describes the congressional record for Mr. Shimkus. He has limited most of his accomplishments to providing pork funds to a select few IL-19 recipients and the Republican agenda of Social Darwinism.
  • Veterans' legislation receives only a passing glance from him. His record rates a C+. It is a dismal score for an alleged weekend warrior and West Point graduate.
  • When he ventures away from his comfort zone, his true colors shine through. Translation: Bupkis for Illinois.
  • An accurate characterization of true Republican values that appeared in the Peoria Journal Star on the Editorial Cartoon page, and many voters in IL-19 readily identify Mr. Shimkus with it.
  • Deflecting blame is standard for the Republican incumbent. It is easy to blame senior citizens for a high deficit. Too easy.
  • His inexcusable behavior as chairman of the House Page Board has been nothing short of dereliction of duty. I don't care says it all.
  • Add all of the facts, and people begin to realize that he is a banal master of obfuscation (He has turned it into an art form!) and a pseudo-representation of the values he once held near and dear.
  • Mr. Shimkus first squeaked into Congress as a freshman with one-half of one percent of the vote. Over the years, he has shown the voters that he prioritizes his agenda of self-interests over the best interests of the people. Some look around their neglected district and would argue that they have never been his concern anyway.
These are only eight of the most obvious reasons why re-election is a pipe dream for Mr. Shimkus. His campaign is a sinking ship. His concession speech is long overdue. Dan Stover is the Democratic candidate and the better choice to represent IL-19!!


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