Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Senior Citizens Cause the Deficit

According to Rep. John Shimkus (IL19), the federal entitlements that senior citizens receive caused the huge federal deficit future generations will have to pay.

Members of the Downstate Democrats for Change (DDFC) recently met with Senator Barack Obama and Rep. Shimkus in their offices on The Hill. David Kiley, a proud DDFC member, posted the group's report in diaries on the Illinois Democratic Network and Daily Kos.

The group hoped to convince Sen. Obama that Danny Stover is viable as a Congressional candidate challenging John Shimkus for the IL-19 seat and absolutely deserves the sentor's support.

For their meeting with Rep. Shimkus, the group wanted to discuss the Prescription Drug Plan. The rest of the story is a must read:

Shimkus started their meeting by defensively stating that he knew that they were coming and that he was prepared. His replies to their questions and concerns about prescription drugs were confusing, ignorant defensive, degrading or off topic. When asked about the huge deficit created by President Bush and Congress, Shimkus loudly and forcefully answered that the members of the senior citizens group were responsible. He claimed that their entitlements that they receive were the only reason that the country was facing such huge deficits. In his opinion if the entitlements were eliminated, the deficit would disappear. In his reply, of course, he failed to mention or admit that the millions of dollars spent on the Iraq war fiasco, tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans or tax credits for corporations experiencing record profits had anything at all to do with the deficit.
Every senior citizen on a fixed income (not Mother Shimkus) depending on Social Security and Medicare for basic daily needs is responsible for the deficit. Working adults in other countries support their senior citizens. It is an honor to do so. In America, the Republican incumbent for IL-19 in the U. S. House of Representatives , John Shimkus, arrogantly considers it a financial burden. This is a nice guy? To whom? His near and dear only? John Shimkus is so far removed from nice that it is frightening! Hopefully, more people finally discovering the REAL man. In addition,
  • Chicago Democrats snub Dan Stover at the State Fair.
  • Madison County Democrats ignore IL-19 challengers in 2004 and 2006 because they have a hand-picked, self-funded, ambulance-chasing, millionaire crony for 2008.
What is wrong with this picture?

Voters decide who their representative will be. No one else! Central and So. IL regions are filled with democrats begging for a candidate worth their vote. Dan Stover is that man!!


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