Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Online Petition for Dan Stover (IL-19)

Ron McBride of WeDemocrats.com established an online petition to Senator Barack Obama encouraging him to appear in support of Danny Stover.

Ron called Sen. Obama's office in Washington and the one in Chicago. Someone from Madison County even visited him on The Hill with the same request. It is a completely justified request for the following reasons (in addition to all the environmental, social, economic issues):

  • The Democrats of IL-19 (30 counties in the largest geographical district east of the Mississippi River, larger than some states, and one-third of Illinois) have a grassroots effort to garner support for Danny L. Stover, their Candidate for Congress.
  • The IL Democratic Organizations, the DNC, and DCCC have failed to provide any support for Stover for Congress.
  • Through his numerous appearances throughout the district in support of Democrats, he deserves the support. Senator Durbin appeared with him at DuQuoin. Although he was there at the stage in Springfield, the Chicago Democrats completely ignored him.
  • This is a great opportunity to give Central and So. IL Democrats a reason to VOTE BLUE!
  • The Downstate Democrats for Change took upon themselves to provide the necessary support as Stover made his personal appearances and attended fund raisers.
  • This is a genuine effort to bring sanity back to Congress and provide a Democratic Congressman supporting both Illinois senators.
Members of the Democratic Party cannot afford to ignore Stover any longer. Everyone -- Please consider adding your name. Every Democratic candidate deserves support.

Remember -- STOVER equals VOTERS!!!


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