Saturday, September 02, 2006

Cahokia Hosts an Annual Pow Wow

Some spectators enjoy watching Native Americans perform authentic dances. For others, watching those performaces are even better in competition so they attend Pow Wows.

There are many Pow Wows from which to choose, and they are non-profit, too. They usually depend upon donations, raffles, blanket dances, etc., for support. Donations are a way to honor someone. Any participant can drop money onto the blanket to aid in the powwow expenses. Support the Committee and buy raffle tickets.

In Southwestern Illinois, there is a powwow in Cahokia the weekend of September 8 through 10. Men and women in full regalia perform authentic dances in competition. Dances typically include any of the following:

  • Gourd Dancing
  • Men's Fancy
  • Men's Grass
  • Men's Straight
  • Men's Traditional
  • Women's Buckskin
  • Women's Cloth
  • Women's Fancy Shawl
  • Women's Jingle
There are also many that spectators can join. The Committee only asks that people respect traditions and bring a chair.

Attending a Pow Pow (like any other activity on the planet) beats campus hubris -- period.


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