Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What is in a Budget

The good news (for the millionaires and billionaires not working families): The President signed into law a tax cut proposal.

The bad news: For the third time this year, The House Republican leadership does not have enough votes to pass the FY 2007 budget.

Republicans in House of Representatives twist arms and make deals attemping to pass a budget to benefit lobbyist cronies, oil-soaked multi-national corporations and millionaire donors. They can afford to do this because working families living paycheck to paycheck are paying for it with vital programs (i.e., children's education, veterans' and seniors' health care, and personal and community security). The Republican budget erodes the hopes and promises of future generations because it increases the federal debt and drowns the country's economy in red ink. Here are the numbers to remember:

  • 3 - This is the Republican Leadership's third attempt to pass a budget that is fiscally reckless and void of American values.
  • 5 - Buried in this budget is the fifth increase in the debt limit, adding $653 billion to the debt, a burden for future generations.
  • 8 - It took President Bush eight years to accrue more debt than the previous 41 presidents combined (e.g., 200 years).
  • 12 - The Republican budget includes $12 billion in cuts to critical programs (i.e., $6 billion over five years to homeland security and $6 billion over five years to veterans health care).
  • 46 - The GOP tax bill offers a $46 tax cut for those who earn $40,000-50,000 a year. Based on current gasoline prices, that amount is barely enough to buy a tank of gas.
  • 41,977 - The GOP tax bill generously grants a $41,977 tax cut for those who earn over $1 million. That is enough to buy two cars and one tank of gas.
The numbers prove that it is time to vote the Republicans out of office. The proposed Democratic budget truly values families and communities. It includes the following:
  1. Balances the budget by 2012
  2. Increases funding for homeland security
  3. Implements all of the 9/11 Commission's recommendations
  4. Provides for the country's first responders
  5. Invests in port security and mass transit security
  6. Supports in full veterans' health care
  7. Honors those who have bravely and selflessly served their country
The GOP and John Shimkus (IL-19) value social Darwinism. The quality of life in Illinois has deteriorated as a direct result. There is a Democratic alternative in November: Dan Stover. He is on the ballot.


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