Friday, May 19, 2006

The Sign of Having too Much Money

It is always obvious when someone has too much money -- and too much political influence.

There are many Democrats living in So. IL. Certain ambulance-chasing trial lawyers have overshadowed them and given them a bad name. Even sealed court documents could not keep the truth from the public, and the media can acutally be a good thing.

The courts can only do so much. The voters have the ultimate power of removing bad incumbent Democrats and unethical Republicans working for themselves instead of the public trust.

UPDATE: A recent visiter to this site accurately pointed out that Rep. John Shimkus, R-Collinsville, who also represents part of Springfield, ranked 12th among Illinois Housemembers, but 300th in the full House. It is also fact that the Lakin political machine has declared hands off (no Party-sponsored challenge) of John Shimkus -- at least in public. Lakin has become a millionaire from his liberal legal arguments and is a member of the Democratic National Committee. John Shimkus is a free market conservative (i.e., social Darwinist) and card-carrying member of the Republican Party. With the lastest revelations about Lakin, one can only speculate about their personal relationship behind closed doors. Maybe they should keep one of these handy. Protesting will not make reality go away.


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