Sunday, May 28, 2006

IL Family Institute Facts

Kankakee Voice provides the scoop on the Illinois Family Institute (IFI). The organization sounds so wholesome and innocent yet it belies the disturbing reality.

The organization like the Umbrella group it stems from, Focus on the Family. A man named James Dobson heads the activities. He is a person that enjoys his powerful connections to Republican politicians. Rather than embracing the Christian values many would expect, it is more of a hate group. Peter LaBarbera of IFI is promoting the Constitution Party's 2006 Illinois convention.

It's too bad the average Christians attending these mega churches are too close-minded to use the brain (they believe) God gave them to look into the allegations of manipulation from Dobson and other good Christians like him and the Republican Party as pawns to gain political power and get a few rich via big corporate greed.

There is a lot of evil under all of that piety. Common sense is quite rare indeed.


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