Wednesday, August 03, 2005

DCCC Ignores Another Opportunity

All the DCCC had to do was provide a little financial support. As usual, they do not understand the meaning of the word, & Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the DCCC Chairman, does not know the meaning of the word leader.

From MSNBC . . .

A Republican former state lawmaker claimed a seat in Congress on Tuesday by narrowly defeating an Iraq war veteran who drew national attention to the race with his military service and a series of harsh attacks on President Bush.

With all precincts reporting, Jean Schmidt had 52 percent, or 57,974 votes, compared with Democrat Paul Hackett's 48 percent, or 54,401 votes. Schmidt's margin of victory amounted to about 3,500 votes out of more than 112,000 cast.

[. . .]

Democrats had viewed the race as a bellwether for 2006, saying even a strong showing by Hackett in such a heavily GOP district would be a good sign for them in the midterm elections.

[. . .]

In Ohio, Schmidt billed herself as an experienced leader more in tune with the district than Hackett. She is the first woman ever elected to Congress from the 2nd District.
Hackett, 43, is a lawyer and Marine reservist who recently completed a seven-month tour and was vying to become the first combat veteran of the Iraq war to serve in Congress.

He drew attention to the race with his flame-throwing assaults on Bush, namely for the president's July 2003 "bring 'em on" comment about Iraqi insurgents. Hackett said such talk merely "cheered on the enemy."

[. . .]

Hackett has also referred to the president as "a chicken hawk ... a person who advocates war in a cavalier way."
Schmidt consistently supported Bush on the war, and said she shares the "moral values" of the district with her opposition to abortion and to gay marriage.

The DCCC insists on the Democrats maintaining their status as the Minority Party.

What fools.

Update: It seems that the DCCC provided some support to the Hackett campaign according to The Hill & gave new meaning to minimalism at the same time:
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee lent volunteers and campaign staff to the effort, ran a television and sent two pieces of mail to voters.
At least the organization recognized the man as a challenger.


At 06 August, 2005 15:23, Blogger DownLeft said...

He sounded like a great candidate. I've met 5 veterans back from Iraq who all hold pretty negative veiws of George Bush and how he has handled this war. I hope we can find more candidates like that one from Ohio.


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