Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Another Interesting So. IL Blog

Almost a month ago, The Unfavorable Opinion went online. Black Sheep is "your average college Democrat student" & seems to have an opinion on many different topics - including political ones. She has her own posts & provides feedback comments on other blogs. She even provides links to other writings for Your Reading Enjoyment.

Silence equals consent, and a silent Democrat she refuses to be. It certainly takes Integrity and Courage in All Things to publish some of her statements. It is a commendable quality considering the truly critical feedback she has received for her comments to some obfuscating Republican (synonymous terms) posts.

Noteworthy points about Black Sheep:

  • Statements beyond conventional wisdom
  • Publicly vocal female
  • Liberal Southern Illinois resident
  • Twenty-Something college co-ed
  • Committed Democrat voter
With unconventional wisdom, the person using the pseudonym, Black Sheep, acts as an influential force for her peers & a reminder of the qualities older Democrats should actively display.

That is the definition of
leader. A definition that remains elusive to the DCCC & State Party “leaders”.


At 10 August, 2005 13:48, Blogger DownLeft said...

I didn't know Black Sheep was a 20-something female...interesting.


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