Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dave Gill Needs Your Help in the 15th CD

David Gill is the Democrat challenger for the 15th CD. When he ran in 2004, he did quite well for a challenger that was not supposed to exist. He received the average 39% of the total vote.

He states his position on the following issues on his website:

  1. National Security – The current way we fight the War on Terror allocates money for fighting nation-states instead of rogue terrorist cells.
  2. Healthcare – A single-payer National Healthcare Plan would save you money, improve your quality of care, and expand your choice of providers.
  3. Environment - A healthy environment is necessary for farms
  4. Education – He believes in the value of education and will work to grant our children the best educational opportunities.
  5. Economy – Quality of life means keeping jobs in America by keeping the international job market fair.
  6. Civil Liberties - Our civil liberties are the cornerstone of our democracy.
  7. Agriculture – He’ll work for the family farmer as opposed to major agribusiness.

Archpundit noticed that Dave filed his 2nd Quarter numbers with just under $14,000 raised and $20,000 on hand. . . Most of it is mid-level donations from the district with Robert McChesney being the biggest name on the list.

Unlike Rep. Johnson who received $25,000 from Tom DeLay's ARMPAC one year, Dave could use everyone’s support.

Donating to his campaign & voting for him are beyond conventional wisdom. He is a committed Democrat - a "good" Democrat. He is a "good" political candidate & the better choice for the constituents of the 15th CD & the public trust.


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