Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Genesis of a National Transformation

Christine Cegelis is an excellent choice for Democrat challenger against incumbent Henry Hyde (IL-06). She has everything going for her. No one else is as viable. The DCCC or the GOP could try finding someone outside of the district (nothing says that the candidate has to live in-district). The idea’s a long shot at best.

Ms. Cegelis has an excellent history in business. She is an information technology (IT) Project Management Professional within the airline industry. That means she appeals to women, the airline industry, and IT professionals. She is an example of the new breed of female professional that is appearing across the U. S.

During her 2004 Campaign, Ms. Cegelis received 44 percent of the vote with $167,000. To many people in politics, this is not a lot of money. To a project manager that knows how to squeeze every cent out of a miniscule budget and make it count, she did quite well – especially since she was one of the IL challengers that was not supposed to run.

Ms. Cegelis is a wonderful candidate that has already proven that she can produce major results with almost no financial resources. At the same time, the DCCC continues to waste energy supporting anyone else and only succeeds at destroying its credibility.

Obviously, the Democrat Party regulars do not know how to work a spreadsheet & do not have a clue how to deal with a woman who can build complex business systems.

ATTN: Clueless lawyers and Party regulars -- Move over!

Christine Cegelis is indicative of a national transformation in its genesis and way out of your league.


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