Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Report on the 2004 Congressional Races

On May 18, 2005, Tim Bagwell (IL-19 2004 Challenger) announced the new Democratic Committment Conference PAC. I hope the print media published this information somewhere. I haven't seen it.

Several weeks ago I posted a message on the SIDemocrat Disscussion Group. I provided a little information from the FEC & simply asked what's wrong with this picture. It was a preview to this very detailed & enlightening report. Dr. Bagwell kept his findings strictly factual. This is no "sour grapes" from a "whining loser." This is a pattern the Democrat Party has following for a more than 10 years. If it worked, the Party & the country would be much better. The policy's a complete failure. We're worse as a direct result.

I also recommend Winning for the People.

Dr. Bagwell saw a need for the DCCPAC. In the months following the 2004 general election, the nine losing Democratic challenger candidates from Illinois have been meeting to discuss and report on their experiences. The ad hoc group included state representative candidates and a number of our supporters. In April a report titled, “Locked Out: Why Democrats keep losing Congress” was issued and circulated to the members, to the Democratic National Committee, and a number of interest groups. The report was released to the press on May 18, 2005.
The main points Dr. Bagwell's speech address are below:

1. Democratic candidate fund raising in Illinois and in other key states.

2. The old collegial rules among state delegation members short-circuit the people’s power over the political process

3. There are ways of addressing these two problems.

While Democratic Party leaders make deals under old rules that lose Congressional seats, we have a Republican controlled Congress who wants to amend discrimination and hate into our Constitution; get more and more seniors on the poverty rolls.

The crisis facing America and the world is real. The threat must not also come from the Democratic Party. Faced with the choice between the status quo and a progressive vision of tomorrow, we must be the party of the people, by the people and for people and all their tomorrows.

The Party has lost that focus.


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