Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Announcing the DCC PAC

In a press conference today at the Capitol, Dr. Tim Bagwell announced the formation of the Democratic Commitment Conference Political Action Committee. The primary goal of our committee is to instill commitment to Democratic challengers, commitment from the Democrat Party, and commitment to a core set of Democratic values.

Deal making and obstructionism cannot, and must not, be allowed to be the new criteria in which we choose our public officials. If we are to be a democratic nation, the people should have nothing less than meaningful, thoughtful and worthy options to represent their needs and wants. Party bureaucracies, entrenched elected officials should not be the ones deciding who our elected officials are.

While Democratic Party leaders make deals under old rules that lose Congressional seats, we have a Republican controlled Congress who wants to amend discrimination and hate into our Constitution; get more and more seniors on the poverty rolls.

The crisis facing America and the world is real. The threat must not also come from the Democratic Party. Faced with the choice between the status quo and a progressive vision of tomorrow, we must be the party of the people, by the people and for people and all their tomorrows.


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